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Functional retraining_ reaching

There is currently a need for affordable short and long-term upper limb rehabilitation in the months and years post-stroke and other neurological conditions. This is particularly so during the Covid-19 pandemic where many people feel they do not have access to the rehabilitation they need. 


Current best-evidence tells us the most effective arm and hand therapy post-neurological injury should allow for practice of highly intensive, task-based, repetitive movement. We know these particular rehabilitation components encourage ‘brain ‘rewiring’. This is key to recovery potential after stroke injury because it allows new learning to occur. AROT offers a range of personalised therapy plans built on these rehab components to help you increase your arm use.


Engaging in therapy in your home, allows you to focus more on problem-solving the 'real world' challenges you frequently experience in your own environment. All rehabilitation programmes put in place by AROT support you to find ways to increase your arm use in daily life at home.

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