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Repetitive Task Practice CIMT
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Download a printable version of the CIMT Information Leaflet here

What is CIMT?

Constraint Induced Movement Therapy is a rehabilitation approach used to enhance recovery of an affected arm and hand post neurological injury. CIMT is 1 of 3 recommended arm interventions in current stroke rehabilitation guidelines and is used with people experiencing other neurological conditions.


Individuals wear a mitt on their stronger hand, to promote the use of their affected arm in exercises and everyday activities. This happens for a set amount of hours a day, depending on programme length and what you can manage. Programme lengths are on average between 2-3 weeks but can be up to 10 weeks.

To learn about TeleCIMT, a 3 week remote CIMT programme run by Jessamy online, please click here.

How does CIMT work?

After neurological injury, individuals learn to  compensate with their stronger arm for everyday tasks. This is only natural after many unsuccessful attempts using the affected arm.


Research shows there is potential for the affected arm to relearn some movement and use in daily activities. This can happen through intensive, repetitive therapy, such as CIMT. Engaging in highly intensive repetitive exercises and task practice whilst wearing the mitt allows great opportunity for relearning.

What will I need to do?

You will carry out a CIMT programme at home, completing various tasks with your mitt on for a set amount of hours during the day. You will need a CIMT supporter for a few hours a day and to participate in therapy sessions (remotely and / or face to face).

What will my CIMT supporter need to do?

Be encouraging of you; help set up exercises during ‘mitt- wearing time’; assist you with various tasks you are unable to manage on your own with the mitt on; help you to participate in remote therapy e.g. video calls.


What will my Occupational Therapist do?

You will be advised on whether the CIMT programme is suitable for you. If you commit, Jessamy may visit you at home pending a full Covid-19 risk assessment. If you live far from Bristol or are self-isolating, the programme can be run 100% remotely. A mixture of face to face and video call sessions can also be organised. Your progress will be monitored daily and you will receive regular support throughout the course of the programme.

Videos of Arm's Reach OT clients & their CIMT supporters                        











































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