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Below is a selection of quotes and photographs of past AROT clients involved in various assessments and treatment approaches. All photos on the AROT website are of past clients. 

"I didn't think I could use my right hand as much as I've used it… I'm learning it's just about

being aware of the fact that you can do stuff with your weaker arm…. It's just you forget… If you've got 2 arms you can still use both of them." 


LF, Bristol

“I’m conscious of it now….I’m thinking about using my right hand all the time now. Little things like getting the fluff off my jumper and things like that. I would never have done that before….”

SS, Bristol

"I can now stand at the work top for half an hour doing my tasks. There's no way I could have done that before the programme. Didn't know I'd be able to..."

JD, Bristol

“I’m only half way through and I feel really positive. Really good about it…. (My outlook has changed.) I know I CAN do it. It’s that realisation…. That I can do it. I really CAN do it!!! I used to think ‘I can’t do it’.... but I’m realising I CAN now."     


SC, Bristol, 3 week CIMT programme

"Before the programme I just thought: 'That's it. There's not much more my left hand will do now'. Now my brain tells me: 'You've got a left hand! Use it!. And I do!"

DF, Chipping Sodbury

"I’m finding I’m using my right hand automatically already...   Like right now…..I’m sat here talking with you and I’m gesticulating with it...I never would have done that before the programme… It would have been down by my side… Now I’m finding it’s just not wanting to stop moving and I’m watching it, thinking ‘Hello!’…”

EN, Bristol

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