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Arm-specific Assessments

Arm and hand-specific assessments used by AROT focus on a few different areas. Firstly, how the person is managing to function in everyday life activities with their affected arm and hand. Secondly, their ability to reach for, grasp and manipulate objects. And lastly, the presence of any arm or hand impairments caused by the stroke e.g. sensation, range of movement, spasticity, strength, dexterity etc. Goal setting at this stage also allows the individual to define what is most motivating for them to work on. 


Assessments used by AROT may be standardised or non-standardised and can be completed in the individual's home. Some are objective looking at the person's ability to carry out a task. Others allow for a measurement of the client's perspective of their ability and how they have been affected by their stroke. Many are re-used throughout the individual's therapy journey for a more continuous objective measure of progress. 


Additional Assessments

Difficulties, which are not specifically arm / hand related, may be identified during the initial assessment e.g. problems with your thinking or visual skills. Your therapist may recommend further in-depth assessment. This would be to understand how impairments identified may impact on your ability to carry out daily tasks and inform therapy further. It is the client's choice as to whether they are assessed further. Additional assessments are charged at the therapist's hourly rate. 

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